Monday, 16 June 2014

Snap Happy in NYC!

Seokho, one of our designers has just returned from his first trip to the Big's what he thought about it...

...So I decided to go on a little lone soul searching trip to NYC for the first time. After some ordeal I finally got to New York, and it did not disappoint, it was everything I imagined it to be and more.

I went to New York thinking I’m a pretty hip city sleeker from London, but it was so much bigger than what I thought physically, and culturally. I witnessed all sort of different people and culture, and it made me realise that my 'open mind’ from London was actually somewhat limited and closed minded.

With this initial shock I then proceeded to get lost in the city and explore every corner. There was a new surprised around every corner and a pretzel stand! I took my little Polaroid camera capturing the stereotypical American scenes and objects you see in movies, which was pretty fun also going old school and using paper map was rather exciting.

Overall it was a humbling and eye opening experience, it was a very different kind of holiday to a holiday with friends where you have company all the time, and have a set agenda. I feel that I’ve learnt something about the world outside the UK and myself, and most of all I discovered the joy of traveling alone.