Monday, 23 June 2014

RCA Graduate Show 2014

The RCA graduate show on at Battersea is showcasing new artists, designers and makers for another week and well worth a visit.... 

One of our designers Kirsty went along and saw Sculptor Alida Sayer who's created 'Bound I, II and III’, made with bronze, paper and ceramic and ‘Passage' from plaster and Quink ink; this a favourite as the Quink ink reacts to the room temperature and develops as it drys. 

Also see 'Splash' by Beau Han Xu who's jewellery collection explores a splash on the skin in diamonds and crystals. The shows on until Sunday 29th June so go along and finish off at the RCA bar!

'Passage' by Alida Sayer

'Bound I II & III' by Alida Sayer

'Splash' by Beau Hen Xu