Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Fragrance Lab at Selfridges

We’ve been working with The Future Laboratory for a few years now, so when the opportunity arose to collaborate on Fragrance Lab, as part of The Beauty Project at Selfridges, it was the chance to lift the lid on the future of in-store retailing, taking customers on a completely immersive journey.

The idea was to create a unique personalised fragrance centred around a series of tactile sensory and information based experiences all designed to heighten the senses and understand more about who you are.

Your response to tastes, touch and smell are all analysed as you journey through the iconic Selfridges windows (a first by all accounts). The results are then used to craft a signature fragrance unique to your character all distilled into a 50ml fragrance.

Fragrance Lab is open until 30th June


To find out more visit our website, and to book your own immersive experience visit selfridges.com