Monday, 3 September 2012

A piece about Pickles

A pop up store on Brick lane, run by a Bohogirl (her name Kaile H. Glick)

I walked up to the girl sat behind a typewriter, on a foldaway table, with roll up hanging out the corner of her mouth she asked me for the subject of my prose, I said one word 'Pickles'. (actually the nickname for my daughter. With a satisfied nod she started started typing. After some energetic tapping away and a couple eof thoughtful pauses she handed me a short poem about pickles.

Payment terms: PWYCA (Pay What You Can Afford)

A memorable and personalised retail experience.


The Spontaneous Prose Store is a collaborative writing exercise occurring at random on the streets of Toronto. Ms. Kaile H. Glick dispenses quality custom prose-poetry built according to each customer’s unique specifications, before their very eyes.
Kaile H. Glick is an aspiring librarian, infamous woman of letters, and all-around stand-up guy. Her poems have appeared previously in Forum and 16th & Mission Review. Her prose are scattered ubiquitously in the hearts, minds and stickers of innumerable pedestrians around North America.