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NY 11-18-02-10

February 2010

London based studio Campaign are pleased to announce their collaboration with luxury men’s brand dunhill on NY11-18-02-10. dunhill commissioned Campaign to realize their vision for a temporary installation during New York Fashion Week, a vision that challenged whether it is possible to move the grandeur of the brand home in London to NYC momentarily.

Taking up residence in one of the last remaining archetypal disused warehouse spaces in the Meatpacking district of the city for one week, NY 11-18-02-10 recreates Bourdon House, the home of Alfred Dunhill in London, offering a rare opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of this extraordinary Georgian London House.

The installation recreates an ethereal facade of Bourdon House with 22 separate 3m x 1.5m and 2mm thin laser cut white powder coated aluminum panels. The panels are suspended from the ceiling using unistruts to hover dramatically over a black rubber floor. A lifesize vinyl of the Bourdon House exterior and its Mayfair environs completes the streetscape. The drama and theatricality of the space are further heightened through the use of photographic lights in an arrangement designed in collaboration with New York Photographer Frank Oudeman.

Beyond the small and self-contained lobby entrance, the three distinct spaces of Bourdon House, the Archive and the Garden are contained within a vast 600sqm interior.

Reminiscent of a Georgian interior temporarily hosting dunhill’s Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, this space will display 30 key looks on bespoke made easels and frames complimented by antique brass clothes rails. The mirror above the fireplace provides a frame to project a film of the latest dunhill Paris presentation. Selected pieces from the Alfred Dunhill museum can be admired alongside a limited edition range of products that can be bought.

A modern interpretation of an English garden in the space can also be discovered. Channeling the essence of a memorial garden, visitors can – through the magic of projection - enjoy the sights and sounds of London’s buzzing Mayfair while sitting on ‘park’ benches, each bearing the engraved plaque ‘Alfred Dunhill – 1872 – 1959 – he would have loved this place’.

11 – 18 February 2010

410 West 13th Street, New York, NY

Press enquiries and image requests: Rumina Haji

Publicist, Claire Curtice Ltd

+44 (0) 20 7613 1442

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