Monday, 5 October 2009

To pop or not?//

The “pop-up” store has become a well-used term of late, pioneered by Comme des Garçon from their first store designed by a student in Berlin. Some love the term some just prefer temporary store.

Pop-up stores allow a brand to quickly tap in to an area either through dedicated followers or the success of driving attention in to the locals

Often the stores are pulled together on a budget and take less commercial locations or as more commercial previously unattainable spaces now become more readily available.

The surge in the pop up stores must be linked to way we shop now, not everyone wants to be trawling districts with the masses, buying the same generic pieces. By placing a shop let's say in Hoxton, London you are tuning into those very people who can instantly self-promote a brand. It also works for the label being able to test short experimental product runs, inviting collaboration for example. You only have to be in E1 on any day of the week to find the next fashion house having a sample sale.

With internet shopping counting as major factor for the deterrent of the high street it is exciting to see brands using such gorilla tactics to bring their products to the forefront.

Campaign are currently involved in two pop-up stores both for successful brands and are hungry for more.