Friday, 12 September 2014

Visit to the Barbican...

Last week we bit the bullet and joined the crowds at
The Barbican to see 'Digital Revolution'.

More and more our clients want to integrate digital technology into physical space, 
so the visit to 'Digital Revolution' has opened our eyes to the multiple opportunities 
available to us designers that go beyond a simple screen or iPad.

Overall the exhibition was a great immersive and multi sensory experience 
but here are a few things that stuck out for us.

'Assemblance' by Umbrellium

Atmospheric 3D interactive lasers

'Wishing Wall' by Vavara & Mars
Speak your thought and watch watch them turn into digital butterflies

'Dronestagram' by James Bridle

Artistic projection using Google Earth to document American combat zones

The digital movement is here to stay- so we recommend you check out
this exhibition before it ends this weekend!