Thursday, 2 May 2013

School Trip.

Campaign enjoys exploring new things and organises a school trip. 
What are the requirements for successful completion?

1. a long rope.
2. a bunch of dreary eyed designers that haven't been in direct daylight for at least 128 hours.
3. a deadline the same evening.


4. a Light Show at the Hayward Gallery.

I will leave it to your imagination to envision how the above go together. But I will make a special note that somehow, all designers actually made it, mostly on time (or possibly a little bit late.) We also succeeded in several illegal activities, such as taking pictures where it's not allowed. Subsequently, we mark this as an achievement and are hugely proud of this.

I don't plan on writing a long-winded review. There are websites for that kind of stuff. Like, the following:
Time Out - The Guardian - The Telegraph - New Statesman - Trip Advisor - Royal Academy - Big Issue - It's Nice That - River Online - Culture 24 - Londonist - Creative Review - The Standard - BBC - Mouth London - The Light Lab - Pi Media - Visit London - Heels and Wheels Online - London Culture Blog - Spectator - The Arts Desk - B-uncut - Metro - Spindle Magazine - Kunst Review - Momardi - Spoonfed - Artwednesday - And any other blog ever created on earth...

And I really don't think you need to hear me repeat the same thing again. We just don't have the time for that sort of thing.

So I will leave you with a few thoughts:
- The queue for our friend Turrell isn't worth it. We waited. We went inside. I kept hoping for a really small person to run across the screen to mark something significant, but it didn't happen. Nothing happened. Like, nada, zero. We were, dare I say it, bored. (James Turrell - Wedgework V)
- The installation in front of the queue got obscured by the queue. Nevertheless, we liked it. Then we realised how it was constructed and suddenly we were much less impressed. But that could've just been a sign of intensely jaded designers. (Jim Campbell - Exploded View)
- Stand in the red room for a while and then go back into the blue room. It changes everything. The green room, however, makes you look diseased. (Carlos Cruz-Diez - Chromosaturation)
- The light columns are cool. Simple as. (Cerith Wyn Evans - S=U=P=E=R=S=T=R=U=C=T=U=R=E)
- There is nothing behind the awkward computer installation at the start. Everyone keeps looking behind it because clearly thats where the cool impressive bit is hiding. You will be disappointed. There is no cool impressive bit. (David Batchelor - Magic Hour)
- The room with the projected ring of light was great. It freaked me out to walk through the light. In my opinion, if you manage to get people to duck down to avoid the light because they are afraid it will somehow hurt them, you have succeeded. (Anthony McCall - You and I, Horizontal)
- Please do not enter the final installation if you have epilepsy. I almost threw up and I don't have epilepsy, but clearly I have a sensitive soul, because everyone else kept going back in. Repeatedly. (That means we liked it.) (Olafur Eliasson - Model for a timeless garden)

All photographs courtesy of members of staff who have chosen to remain nameless. Campaign is not to be held liable for any illegal activities as conducted by its members of staff. The opinions expressed in this piece may or may not reflect the professional opinion of Campaign Creative. All blog posts to be read in conjunction with a whole load of salt. Do not scale from this blog post.