Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Molecular Structure Window Display

French designer Arnold Goron has recently completed new window displays for french fashion designer Isabel Marant.
these special installations entitled 'molecular structure' can be found in the shops of Marant in Paris, New York,
Madrid, Beirut and Beijing.

For the scientifically derived window visuals, Goron has used a 'samba stick', a wood that has the lightness of balsa, but stronger,
which have been sharpened to a point like a pencil. The sticks are all connected by use of polystyrene balls forming the
large, abstract molecular structures. Goron has then added a motor over the hanging structures, making them spin around slowly
on featured window mannequins. In some of the installations, the mannequins are spinning in the opposite way that the structure
is moving, to give more of a visual effect.