Friday, 15 October 2010

Campaign Loves MVRDV & The Lovely Floating Things They Do

I have always loved MVRDV and now eventually they have built on UK soil [almost the Serpentine Pavillion, damn recession], via the amazing thinking of Alain de Botton

The project is the first of five in Alain de Botton’s Living Architecture project and available for rent from 22 October.

Balancing Barn, a cantilevered holiday home near the village of Thorington in Suffolk, England, was completed last Tuesday. The Barn is 30 meters long, with a 15 meters cantilever over a slope, plunging the house headlong into nature. .

Living Architecture, an organization devoted to the experience of modern architecture, commissioned MVRDV in 2008. 

Go love the English countryside.


Here is the amazing Serpentine proposal.