Monday, 19 April 2010

10 things this week//

ten things this week:

1// The arrival of little baby Bibi Isabel Richardson, Aaron & Emma huge congratulations

2// The great British Sunshine, love, love, love

3// The Dunkirk Spirit, true fighting spirit to return from far off distant lands via any means possible, one means not being air!!

4// 'Marlene' by Lightspeed Champion a true late night studio hours stomper.

5// The fried eggs with Sage at Leila's Shop, Calvert Street.

6// Effie Star appearing in the up and coming 30 years of Ally Capellino exhibition

7// The lack of beautiful office chairs, the studio are at locker heads

8// Work on the new studio furniture has finally started!!

9// Nesé our new Marketing director starting here in the studio....Welcome.

10// Off Broadway, Broadway Market the location of a very special 30th Birthday on the 30th April. Woo....