Thursday, 21 May 2009

A take on Milan 2009//

It appears that the main emphasis this year at Milan was strictly on new materials and technologies and their placement within the current economic climate.

It was interesting to see no crazy spaces generated this year for the likes of BISAZZA, we all remember the Jamie Hayon plane structure. Arik Levy for Swarovski seemed more thought about and design led as opposed to the crystal fountains we saw of last year. Instead halls were laden with pottery drying racks, digital wallpaper created backdrops of workshops and borrowed penthouses.

It was great to see Ikea challanging their range by bringing back a now established Front Design to create several items, our favorite is the lamp.

I start to wonder if this is what we will see more of, designed obtainable furniture and objects from great designers for the main stream.

It was also applaud able to see that Established and Sons are happy to let us into a process of design, instead of just showing us a highly polished paper document we see a change in stance graphically more sketch book like. A process is witnessed and explained which is a real joy.

It makes me wonder about the crate by Jasper Morrison if it was put forward now in this economic climate it would be great to see the value of the side table true to the pieces real worth not the designers name and time.It would be good to know how many people have attempted their own crates.

Moroso and Fornasetti took on diesel as well as their own outright collections. It was great to see a new raw edge introduced, with diesel although seemly only full circling their own philosophies the furniture appeared to well considered, crafted and timeless somewhat.

With Milan visibly changing it's tempo to suit the times we are in, it leaves a serious debate as to weather will see more the emergence of appreciated craftsmanship.

It does for now appear that the major players in the furniture world are stepping back a little and focusing on new technologies, creating new dynamics. Not to defer from style but now somewhat quality or a more timeless classic approach to design appears to be forming.


Jasper Morrison, The crate, Established and Sons
The Taste Taste Lounge 2009, Milan
Arik Levy, Osmosis - Swarovski Crystal Palace 2009, considered.
Front Design for Ikea 2009, creative low end.
Jamie Hayon, Bizazza, Milan 2008, not now?